Sanders Hits Pro-Gun Control Clinton for Raising Money from NRA Lobbyist


MSNBC’s Tamron Hall and Kristen Welker discussed Sen. Bernie Sanders’ most recent attack on Democratic presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton by stating that she should stop taking NRA lobbyists’ money, given her pro-gun control platform.

The Huffington Post‘s Paul Blumenthal reported that Hillary Clinton was raising money from an ex-NRA lobbyist. Jeff Forbes reportedly "donated $2,700 to the Clinton campaign in April when he was still registered to lobby against gun control."

On Sunday night, Sanders sent out a tweet that said, ".@HillaryClinton should stop taking NRA lobbyist money." He continued his attacks on Clinton saying that she is a hypocrite for taking corporate money. The New York Post‘s Carl Campanile wrote on Tuesday:

"Bernie Sanders turned the tables on Hillary Clinton on gun control Monday, questioning why she’s planning to attend a March 21 fund-raiser in Washington co-hosted by a former NRA lobbyist. ‘Hillary Clinton should stop taking NRA lobbyist money,’ tweeted Sanders, linking to a Huffington Post story about Clinton accepting money raised from Jeff Forbes, a lobbyist for the NRA Institute from 2009 to 2015."

Welker said that a potential comeback from the Clinton campaign could be that her record speaks for itself. The counterattack would be that his voting record shows a mixed stance on gun-control laws.

Sanders’ attacks come at a crucial time with polls closing in on another Super Tuesday. Welker also said that due to his unexpected win in Michigan, these attacks could help slow Clinton’s steady lead over him in some of the states. She also discussed that the Midwest seems to be taking to his stance on trade, and with these attacks, he may be able to increase his popularity in some states that Clinton seemed set to win.

Chandler Gill

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Chandler Gill is a Media Analyst for the Free Beacon. Before joining the Free Beacon, she interned at the Heritage Foundation. Chandler went to Furman University in Greenville, South Carolina, and studied Political Science. She was raised in Wassenaar, The Netherlands. In her free time, Chandler enjoys reading and walking around the D.C. area. Her twitter handle is @chandlergillDC.

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