Sanders: Filibuster Reform Means ‘More Conservative, Less Effective’ Legislation


Sen. Bernie Sanders (D., Vt.) appeared on The Ed Show Friday evening to discuss the Reid/McConnell filibuster compromise. Schultz and Sanders commiserated over the fact that Republicans will continue to have influence on legislation that comes out of the Senate:

ED SCHULTZ: I mean, are there going to be — I don't think there is going to be 60 votes for the assault weapons ban. There is not going to be 60 votes for climate change. What about immigration reform?

BERNIE SANDERS: Well, I think you're probably right. And what ends up happening is if you manage to cobble together some agreement, which does get you 60 votes, what you can be absolutely assured of is that that piece of legislation is going to be much, much more conservative, much less effective than it otherwise would have been. Could we get 51 votes to create millions of jobs and rebuild the infrastructure? Yeah, I think we can. Can we get 51 votes to ask the wealthy and large corporations to help us with deficit reduction rather than cut social security and medicare? I think we can. But can we get 60 votes for those proposals? No, we can't.

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