Ryan: IRS Bonuses During Pentagon Furloughs ‘Outrageous’


House Budget Committee Chariman Paul Ryan (R., Wis.) said reports that IRS union employees will be payed $70 million in bonuses while the Pentagon is issuing furloughs are "outrageous" Thursday on "Fox & Friends":

GRETCHEN CARLSON: […] Thanks for being our guest. All right, so you know all about budgets and crunching the numbers. What do you make of these bonuses that are going to go to the IRS union employees?

PAUL RYAN: Look, what we're seeing is the arrogance and abuse of big government. We are seeing big government in practice. We know from our IRS investigation already from the Ways and Means Committee that this wasn't a few rogue agents in Cincinnati. This is a systemic pattern of abuse of power directed from Washington by the IRS targeting people based upon their political and religious beliefs. And now they're going to get $70 million of bonuses at a time when government agencies are getting cuts, at a time when we're doing furloughs at the Pentagon and other places. It's outrageous. Hard working taxpayers deserve better than this. Unfortunately, as I mentioned, this is what big government looks like if practice. Now they're going to get our healthcare records. Now IRS, come October, is going to be more in charge of our health care system.

Full interview:


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