Rubio Warns that Sanctions May Not Be Enough To Stop Iranian Nuclear Proliferation


Senator Marco Rubio (R, FL) warned that sanctions against Iran may not be enough to stop nuclear proliferation.

"I hope that tomorrow morning, the supreme leader wakes up and says this is crazy and I cant destroy my country's economy over a weapon, we don't need this weapon..and you know what, we're gonna abandon that and hopefully get these sanctions lifted. I hope that's what he'll do, but I'm also being honest, I don't think that's what he will do," Rubio told a crowd at the Washington Institute for Near East Policy Wednesday.

"My view is that ultimately, I do not believe that ultimately sanctions will force Iran to abandon their nuclear ambition," he said.

Rubio's comments come after the senator's recent fact finding trip to Israel, Jordan and the West Bank.

A recent IAEA report confirms that Iran is continuing to work towards nuclear development despite global sanctions, including installing advanced centrifuges and pursuing a "2nd path to nuclear weapons."