Rubin: Where Was David Gregory’s Follow-up on Powell’s GOP Comments?


Washington Post columnist Jennifer Rubin reacted sharply to Colin Powell's "Meet the Press" criticism of the Republican Party Monday morning on MSNBC. Rubin took issue with Powell's claim of broad "racism" in the Republican party:

CHUCK TODD: Jennifer, curious your reaction of Colin Powell. I look at this list of what I would call ex-Republicans or moderate Republicans who are uncomfortable being inside today's Republican party. Colin Powell, Chuck Hagel who the president is nominating to be Defense Secretary.

JENNIFER RUBIN: Lots of Democrats have also felt the same way, that the party has moved away. Artur Davis, one of our good friends, has also done that.

CHUCK TODD: Not in our generation. Fifteen years ago, I would agree with that.

JENNIFER RUBIN: No Blue Dog Democrats left for exactly the same reason. The parties have become polarized. What was objectionable about Colin Powell is he defamed the entire party by calling them racist. It was highly objectionable. The two examples he gave were ridiculous. What's more, David Gregory didn't to follow up and he should have. It was an abomination, that comment, [Powell] should have been pressed on it.

Full segment:

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