Ros-Lehtinen Asks: Why Has State Dept Not Corrected the False Narrative?

'In fact, no significant action had or has occurred. There just has been a shuffling of the deck chairs'


ILEANA ROS-LEHTINEN: First, why were you not interviewed for the review board by the review board investigators and how can this review be considered thorough when the person at the top, the Secretary of State, was not part of the investigation. That's what was said in our open hearing when it was confirmed that you were never questioned for this report and I think that's outrageous. Also, the State Department was clearly allowing the false narrative that department officials were being held accountable for what went wrong in Benghazi, for ignoring the threat and it was perceived as fact. Look at these headlines: the New York Times "Four Are Out at State Department After Scathing Report On Benghazi Attack." Not true. "Heads Roll at the State Department." Not true. Yet state did nothing to correct the record. Here we are 130 days after the terrorist attack, why did you not take steps publicly to correct this false narrative, even up to and including today? Even when your deputies Byrnes and Nides testified before us, they both said that steps were being taken to discipline those state department officials when, in fact, no significant action had or has occurred. There just has been a shuffling of the deck chairs. Do you find it acceptable that state officials responsible for this lack of leadership and mismanagement for ignoring security requests during the Benghazi attack and before remain employed within the state department?

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