Rep. Roskam Reacts to New White House Proposal on Fiscal Cliff

'The studio is shaking'


Rep. Peter Roskam's (R., Ill.) interview on the ‘Kudlow Report' Tuesday evening was interrupted by breaking news out of the White House on the fiscal cliff negotiations. Rep. Roskam reacted to the White House's new proposal, noting the seismic shift overtaking the studio:

LARRY KUDLOW: A little bit of breaking news this evening. Apparently the White House has gone from $1.6 trillion in revenues, that's a nice number, to $1.4 trillion in revenues.

PETER ROSKAM: Wow, the studio is shaking, I'm holding on.

KUDLOW: I don't know if that's a concession. Mr. Boehner is at $800 billion. And there's been no budging on tax rates, the White House still wants the upper end tax rates, and no new information on the entitlements. So basically we're nowhere.

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