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Cronyism is Senate majority leader's family business

Sen. Harry Reid / AP


Harry Reid’s controversial support for a Chinese multinational’s proposed $5 billion solar farm in Nevada—a project that his attorney son Rory represents—is likely to go unmentioned during the Senate majority leader’s address to the Democratic National Convention Tuesday.

The project, which the Reids deny discussing, nevertheless has raised questions among government watchdogs, according to an August 31 Reuters report:

Craig Holman, a lobbyist for the non-partisan advocacy group Public Citizen, said the senator is dealing with ‘an iffy ethical landscape’ because of the family connections and should recuse himself from the project. ‘Is this just happening because … it benefits the Reid family, or did Harry Reid actually believe in this?’ Holman said.

The Chinese company is ENN, a Langfang-based energy behemoth that wants to site the largest solar complex in America in Laughlin, Nevada. According to Reuters:

ENN is headed by Chinese energy tycoon Wang Yusuo, who made a fortune estimated by Forbes at $2.2 billion distributing natural gas in China. Wang escorted Reid and a delegation of nine other U.S. senators on a tour of the company's clean energy operations in Langfang, and Reid featured Wang as a speaker at his 4th annual National Clean Energy Summit in Las Vegas last year.

Nevada law firm Lionel Sawyer & Collins represents ENN. Rory Reid works at the law firm, and since the beginning of this year has represented the Chinese company in its negotiations with the Clark County commission.

Harry Reid is scheduled to address the DNC this hour during the 7 o’clock evening.

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