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Psaki Finds Out About Afghan-Taliban Meeting at Her Own Briefing

State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki found about a Taliban-Afghanistan peace process meeting from a reporter at her own briefing Tuesday while being questioned about the involvement of U.S. envoy James Dobbins:

REPORTER: As part of his trip right now, does that currently entail attending or observing an Afghan-Taliban–

PSAKI: This is so new, the meetings are still being scheduled. But as we have updates, we're happy to provide them.

REPORTER: Jen, so the wires are already reporting it's happening on Thursday, that meeting. Can you tell us, if you can't confirm that date, maybe you can, can you tell us at least what the access will be?

PSAKI: The media access?

REPORTER: Yeah. Will there be de-briefs? Will there be any information shared from them?

PSAKI: We will be reading out meetings as they complete. The meetings were still being scheduled as I came down here. Maybe they happened rapidly.