Pryor: Cotton’s Military Service Leads to ‘Sense of Entitlement’


In a stunning new attack from Democratic Senator Mark Pryor, the Arkansan incumbent claimed his Republican opponent Rep. Tom Cotton’s military service led to a "sense of entitlement."

NBC News asked Pryor whether he thought Cotton’s two combat tours in Iraq and Afghanistan were a qualification for running for the Senate.

Pryor responded "no" but added he "would never criticize anyone for that".

Yet Pryor immediately turned around and criticized Cotton for that service.

"I think that’s part of this sense of entitlement that he gives off, almost like, ‘I served my country, therefore let into the Senate.’" Pryor said. "That’s not how it works in Arkansas."

Perhaps Pryor believes only those from powerful political families should serve in the Senate. Pryor’s father was both a governor and Senator of Arkansas.

Pryor’s comments can also be seen as an act of desperation. In a Real Clear Politics average of polls taken, Pryor trails Cotton 40.0 percent to Cotton’s 42.3 percent.