Priebus: We’re Right On the Economics, Need to Reach Out To 100% Of Voters


Newly reelected Chairman of the GOP Reince Priebus said that Republicans have the economic message to deliver to voters, but the party needs to address its demographic problem:

WOLF BLITZER: […] the Republicans in the last election lost the vote among women, lost the vote among young people, minorities, especially, not only African-Americans but hispanics. You won the white male vote basically. How do you turn that around and bring in new faces into the Republican party?

REINCE PRIEBUS: Well, I think most of that is a real demographic problem. And I agree with Bobby Jindal. If you look at how we're doing with hispanics and African-Americans, it wasn't good in November. But you know what? You get to ask for the order in order to make the sale. And that's why I agree with Bobby said. I said pretty much very similar things in my talk today to the RNC, we're going to end the idea of a red state and blue state analysis, anyone can do this. Go look at the electoral man of 1988, California red, Illinois red, Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, Delaware, Maryland – all red. And so I think what it tells us is that we can compete in every state across America. We've got 30 governors that represent 315 electoral votes. If Scott walker and Chris Christie can win in Wisconsin and New Jersey, we can win there in the presidential election too. We have got to ask for the order, and you can't just do it nine months before a presidential campaign. We've got to start now, and you build by having a consistent, ongoing presence and relationship in communities across America. And I think that captures where this party is going.

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