Plouffe Says OFA Will Disclose All Donors


Outgoing senior Obama Administration strategist David Plouffe said that the president's new PAC "Organizing for Action" will disclose all donors Sunday on ABC's ‘This Week with George Stephanopoulos':

GEORGE STEPHANOPOULOS: I know you want to put the weight of the president's campaign all these issues, new organization, Organizing for Action, a new political action committee. Unlimited donations from corporations but the president will disclose all —

DAVID PLOUFFE: We will voluntarily disclose all donors and we're very excited. The people who actually made the president's campaign in both '08 and '12 are great grassroots volunteers and they want to be out there organizing, driving message, holding people accountable on issues like immigration, you know, the deficit, jobs. Gun safety, a lot of passion out there, and so I think one of the lessons from the first term that we want to do better is, yes, there has to be an inside game. There also has to be an outside game. It's not either/or. You put those things together because as you know, times that you really get fundamental progress and change in Washington is when the American people are really focused and pushing and we want to make sure that we're in communication with them.

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