Morgan to Castro Brothers: I’ve Never Met Any Latinos Who Can’t Dance


Rep. Joaquin Castro (D., Texas) and San Antonio Mayor Julian Castro (D) appeared on Piers Morgan Monday evening at The Inaugural Ball. At the conclusion of the interview, Morgan inquired as to whether Julian and Joaquin would be making their way to the dance floor:

PIERS MORGAN: By the way, I've never met any latinos who can't dance, so are you guys going to be-?

JULIAN CASTRO: Well you've met the first two right now.

JOAQUIN CASTRO: You've met the first two.

ERIN BURNETT: Piers' first highly inappropriate comment of the evening.

PIERS MORGAN: That's not inappropriate, I never have.

JOAQUIN CASTRO: No offense taken.

PIERS MORGAN: You can't dance, really? Come on, of course, you can. I bet they can. They wouldn't say anything like that.

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