Paul Explains Sequester Without Layoffs

GOP Senator calls for cut in aid to countries that 'don't seem to be acting like our allies'


Sen. Rand Paul (R., Ky.) explained how he felt the sequester could take place without people losing jobs through a list of savings proposals Thursday night on Fox News, including cutting foreign aid to countries that "don't seem to be acting like our allies."

"You could cut foreign aid in half and save $20 billion," Paul said. "So we have a list of savings that we could send to the president if he's interested, and we could do this without laying anybody off … I would start by cutting foreign aid from countries that are burning our flag and chanting ‘death to America,' countries that don't really seem to be acting like our allies."

Paul also recommended not rehiring workers to replace retiring federal employees.

"What we've said all along is the sequester over 10 years is a cut in the rate of increase, and even over one year where there's a little blip where spending goes down in some departments, there are many ways you could do this without really losing any jobs," Paul said. "For example, just not rehiring people. When federal workers retire, you know, if you don't hire new workers to replace them, that saves about $6 billion a year. If you were to pay federal employees about the same level you pay private employees, that saves about $32 billion a year."

Full interview:

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