O’Reilly Hammers Obama on Imprisoned Marine


Senator Bill Nelson (D., Fl.) appeared on Fox News Wednesday night to discuss the plight of imprisoned ex-Marine Jon Hammar.  Hammar has been in a Mexican prison since August after being jailed for having a gun without a Mexican gun permit.  Recently, Americans have been calling for President Obama to request Hammar's safe return to America, but when White House Press Secretary, Jay Carney was pressed on it, he said the White House was unaware.

Bill O'Reily pressed the Florida senator on why Hammar has not been helped by the White House and all the former astronaut could answer was that the president is busy and that Nelson hoped Hammar would be freed within the next six days by Christmas:

BILL O'REILY: When Jay Carney says to our guy Ed Henry we don't know anything about. This don't you think that President Obama, with all the power that he has, could come out and say we're trying to get him released. you don't have to — to expect him to threaten Mexico. I don't expect him to diminish the new president or lodge any charges. That's my job. I will do that but certainly the president can say we are very concerned andwould like Mexico to do the humanitarian thing and release him. What would be wrong with that senator?

BILL NELSON: I hope that that happens by December 25th.

O'REILY: Why hasn't it happened since August? It's now December. Come on. Why hasn't it happened?

NELSON: Well, Bill, you and I know that the president has got so much to attend to.

O'Reily opened his show with a memo about Hammar and related it how President Abraham Lincoln still attended to his diplomatic duties, even in the thick of the Civil War.  According to Senator Nelson, keeping the Union together was an "different era" from today.

O'REILY: That's why I cited Abraham Lincoln. Greatness is defined and you know this, senator.

NELSON: Well it was a different era.


View O'Reily's Talking Points Memo:

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