One Expensive Sunny Day

DNC host committee comes up $13M short


Last month’s Democratic National Convention ended up costing the DNC host committee a pretty penny. According to an Associated Press report, the DNC fell nearly $13 million short of its goal of raising $36.7 million for the Charlotte, N.C., event.

According to the AP, DNC Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz is currently distancing herself from the lackluster fundraising effort, passing the buck to the convention’s host committee:

"I haven't seen the report, and I'm not familiar with the details of it," Wasserman Shultz said Thursday at a campaign rally in Raleigh. "You have to speak to the host committee."

The news of the overall shortfall comes on the heels of a Politico report, which notes that the committee also forked over an $896,000 rental fee to reserve Bank of America Stadium for President Barack Obama’s official nomination acceptance speech—a rental the committee ultimately abandoned due to an alleged threat of inclement weather on the night of the speech.

Fortunately for the DNC (close readers of this publication), the Washington Free Beacon was on the scene in Charlotte, and our very own, in-house meteorologist, "Fancy" Bill McMorris provided a game-changing exclusive weather report detailing the dangerous and threatening conditions which caused the DNC to change venues and no doubt saved countless lives.

Calls to the DNC requesting a ‘thank you’ for our efforts were not returned.

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