Obama’s Fanboys

Thought the State of the Union was Meh? You're not drinking the Kool-Aid


Consider the Left easily impressed.

Some of the commentary from Democrats and MSNBC and CNN's commentators on President Obama's tepid State of the Union address was beyond over-the-top.

Sen. Barbara Boxer (D., Calif.) was almost breathless, calling the speech "great" three separate times. MSNBC's Chris Matthews said it was "masterful," with Rev. Al Sharpton copying his commentary just minutes later. Ed Schultz, among other media cheerleaders, gushed about its "uplifting" tone and Obama's "stellar" demeanor.

Most observers considered Obama's fifth State of the Union to be small-ball in its approach, particularly in comparison to last year's that laid out a highly ambitious, ultimately fruitless agenda for 2013. CBS anchor Norah O'Donnell called Tuesday's address proof that Obama's plans had shrunk from "grand to granular."

But not everybody felt that way.

"He was the Barack Obama that we voted for," Sharpton said.