Obama to Hollywood: You Are the Tiebreakers

Harvey Weinstein / Flickr


President Obama spoke at a campaign fundraiser in Westport, Connecticut Monday. Guests included movie executive Harvey Weinstein, actress Anne Hathaway, and celebrated dialogist Aaron Sorkin. According to the president’s remarks at the event:

"So on a whole host of issues, you've got very stark differences.  And the good news is that you guys are the tie-breaker. You and the American people.  And when you walk into that ballot box — or don't walk into the ballot box.  That's the second time I've said this today.  (Laughter.)  When you walk into the voting booth — it's illegal, I'm sure, to walk into a ballot box.  (Laughter.)  When you cast your ballot, you will have the opportunity to determine the course of this country's direction not just tomorrow, or next year, or five years from now, but probably for decades to come."