Obama Thought He Could Amend Constitution in Second Term

Obama: In second term I will be 'in a very strong position' to demand amendment


President Barack Obama told a group of donors in 2012 that during his second term he would be "in a very strong position" to amend the Constitution, according to a new book by Ken Vogel.

The comments on Obama's hopes to add a constitutional amendment on campaign finance reform were made during a high-dollar fundraiser in Seattle attended by Microsoft founder Bill Gates.

The Hill reports:

The president made the comments at a closed-door, high-dollar 2012 fundraiser in Seattle, where supporters included the likes of billionaire Microsoft founder Bill Gates.

"Now, I taught constitutional law. I don't tinker with the Constitution lightly. But I think this is important enough that citizens have to get mobilized around this issue, and this will probably be a multiyear effort," Obama said, according to an excerpt from Big Money by journalist Ken Vogel, obtained by Mother Jones.

"After my reelection, my sense is that I may be in a very strong position to do it," Obama continued.

Later that year, the president publicly endorsed a constitutional amendment that would overturn the controversial Citizens United decision that allowed unlimited political spending by outside groups.

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