Obama Super PAC Cash Comes from Major Donors


Claims that most of President Barack Obama’s campaign money comes mostly from small donors are simply untrue.

In fact, Obama’s largest donors provide a higher percentage of Super PAC cash than Mitt Romney’s.

The Washington Examiner reports:

A full 85 percent of Obama’s Super PAC money comes from his 20 largest donors (compared to 70 percent of the money raised by Romney’s Super PAC), according to Russ Choma at the Center for Responsive Politics.


Obama’s campaign has outspent Romney’s campaign. The Democratic National Committee has outspent the Republican National Committee. While Romney’s SuperPAC (Restore our Future), has outspent Obama’s SuperPAC (Priorities USA), that $40 million Romney SuperPAC edge doesn’t come close to making up for the Obama campaign’s $180 million edge.