Obama Puts Off Governing Until November


The Obama administration is delaying its most costly and controversial regulations until after the election, USA Today reports:

The pace of regulations issued by the Obama administration is receding as the nation's economy falters and the 2012 election approaches.

Several of the most expensive and controversial rules — to protect the food supply, reduce exposure to silica dust, require rear-view cameras or other devices on cars, and more — remain under review by the White House long after they were expected to be published.

Advocates for the environment, health and safety say the delay signals an effort by the administration to reconsider the economic and political impacts of its actions, in light of the struggling economy and the 2010 midterm elections that empowered Republicans.

Earlier this year, the Government Accountability Office scolded the administration for delaying the significant Medicare cuts outlined in the new health care law until after the election to avoid political backlash.