Obama mispronounces ‘Nas’

Answers questions on pop music, superpowers in radio interview


President Obama butchered the name of one of his most prominent supporters on Friday morning during a radio interview with KOBFM in New Mexico. Obama took challenging questions from the Morning Mayhem crew, such as what his favorite food in New Mexico is and what his super power would be if he were a super hero.

However, when asked about his favorite pop music, Obama responded, "Jay-Z, Beyonce, you know, Nas." Despite correctly pronouncing Jay-Z and Beyonce, Obama completely mispronounced Nas. The correct pronunciation for Nas is na:z, not n:ass.

Nas has been an ardent supporter of the president, even recording the song "Black President," which sampled from Obama’s Iowa caucus victory speech.

It has been eight weeks since Obama last answered questions from the press corps. Since that time, he has granted interviews to People, Entertainment Tonight, and several radio stations.

It is unclear whether Obama’s next interview will be on Access Hollywood or On-Air With Ryan Seacrest.