Nunn Misrepresents Scope of Her Hamas-Tied Nonprofit

Dem ad rated 'mostly false' by fact checkers


Georgia Democratic Senate candidate Michelle Nunn is wrongly claiming in an ad that she was "CEO of the world’s largest volunteer organization," according to

Nunn attempts to contrast her career with that of her Republican opponent David Perdue, who has had a highly successful business career.

Nunn, however, misrepresents the accolades of nonprofit Points of Light, for which she has been the CEO since 2007.

So how can Points of Light claim to the "world’s largest volunteer organization?"

Points of Light routinely provides a much more nuanced description of its work, although the campaign pointed us to at least two instances—one in 2007 and one in 2012—where the nonprofit did refer to itself as the "world’s largest volunteer organization."

Currently, on its web site and elsewhere, Points of Light is identified as "the largest organization in the world dedicated to volunteer service." […]

But her political ad undercuts how Points of Light describes itself on its website—as "the largest organization in the world dedicated to volunteer service."  That’s substantially different from the world’s largest volunteer organization.

Perhaps a better way to contrast Points of Light to other businesses is with its ties to terrorism.

Internal campaign documents revealed a Point of Light grant to Islamic Relief USA, a group that is banned by Israel for "funneling cash to Hamas." The grant could be a major vulnerability for Nunn's candidacy.

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