Nolan: Democratic Party Tells Him to Spend 30 Hours a Week Fundraising


In Rep. Rick Nolan's (D., Minn.) 2012 race for Congress, he said more than $20 million was spent on his campaign. In his prior race for Congress, back in 1978, he spent roughly $250,000.

Now, he told Chuck Todd on "The Daily Rundown" Friday, his party wants him "dialing for dollars" when he wants to focus on governing.

"The fact is, money has just become toxic in politics, and that's the other big change," Nolan said. "I mean, we're told here two things. One is, the one with the most money gets the most votes and, number two, you should be spending 30 hours a week in fundraising and call time, dialing for dollars."

"This is on your side, they want you to spend 30 hours a week making phone calls for raising money?" Todd asked.

"Yes, for money," Nolan said. "I'm not going to do that. I'm here to govern."