UPDATE: American Bridge Hire Scrubs Twitter Account of Hillary Clinton Criticism

New communications director for Super PAC was previously a harsh Hillary Clinton critic

Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton / AP


UPDATE 2:30 p.m.: Following the publication of this article, Dawn Le deleted her tweet that critiqued Hillary Clinton's 9/11 defense of the Wall Street money that has been contributed to her.

The original tweet from Nov. 14, 2015, captured in a screen grab on Friday morning, is included in the text of the story below, which has been updated to reflect the fact that Le deleted the tweet.


The newly hired communications director for pro-Hillary Clinton Super PAC American Bridge 21st Century was a harsh critic on how Clinton used the 9/11 terrorist attack on New York City to justify the amount of money she pulls in from Wall Street.

It was reported in Friday's Politico Playbook that Dawn Le has been hired to be communications director for the David Brock-founded opposition research group that has already spent $10 million in support of Clinton's campaign. A look at Le's Twitter account reveals, however, that she is not the biggest Clinton fan.

"9/11—Is that how @HillaryClinton is going to justify taking money from Wall Street? #DemDebate" wrote Le after Clinton said that the reason she has so many Wall Street donors is because she "represented New York on 9/11 when we were attacked."

The tweet by Le was deleted following the publication of this article.

Following her original comment, Le felt the need to retweet four other people who were equally as puzzled by Clinton's defense.

Screenshot from @DawnJetLe Twitter

Screenshot from @DawnJetLe Twitter

The debate moment also appears to have gotten Le to consider supporting other candidates. Her next tweet was in support of former Maryland Democratic Gov. Martin O'Malley, who has now ended his campaign.

American Bridge did not respond to a request for comment on Le's tweets.

Clinton's comment about 9/11, in which she explained that "we were attacked in downtown Manhattan where Wall Street is," was widely regarded as one of the low points of her campaign.

It was also regarded as a bogus response, given that Clinton had received about $1.15 million from the financial sector before the terrorist attacks.

Clinton's ties to Wall Street have become one of her biggest vulnerabilities to the surging Bernie Sanders.

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