Nancy Pelosi: Chick-Fil-A Is A-OK

The New San Francisco Treat


UPDATE: Pelosi spokeswoman Evangeline George told the Washington Free Beacon that "Politico was misinformed – the only food at lunch today was from Good Stuff."

San Francisco representative and House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi voiced her support in 2012 for a short-lived boycott of the popular and delicious eatery Chick-Fil-A over its CEO’s stance on gay marriage.

The Huffington Post reported on Pelosi’s tweet at the time:

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) on Friday entered the debate over Chick-fil-A and the opposition of its CEO to gay marriage.

Nancy Pelosi:

@NancyPelosi: For the record, I prefer Kentucky Fried Chicken. #ChickFilA

July 27, 2012 9:19 pm via TweetDeck

In what has become an increasingly political debate in recent days, Pelosi joins Boston's mayor, Thomas Menino, in voicing her opposition to the chain. Menino vowed to block the chain from opening a store in his city. The mayor of Pelosi's home town, San Francisco, took a similar stance.

However, 16 months later, Chick-Fil-A appears to be back in the good graces of the former Speaker of the House.

This morning, Politico’s Mike Allen, noted that the birthday lunch for the Leader’s San Francisco-based Chief of Staff Robert Edmonson would be catered by none other than the popular fast food chain:

BIRTHDAYS: Judy Woodruff (hat tip: Al) … Nikki Buffa, deputy chief of staff at Interior (hat tip: Cabinet Affairs alumni) … Vice President Biden is 71 … Robert Edmonson, San Francisco chief of staff to Leader Pelosi.  His staff is treating him to a Chick-fil-A lunch, along with milkshakes from Good Stuff (h/t Manatos) … POLITICO’s Phil Ewing and Sushant Sagar (h/ts Anne Cronin) … Dick Smothers is 75 … Bo Derek is 57 … Mark Gastineau is 57 (h/ts AP)

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