N.Y. Legislators May Vote Themselves $20K Raise


Despite more than 21 lawmakers over the last six years either being arrested, leaving office, or losing their seats to ethical or criminal problems, the legislators of New York state may vote themselves a $20,000 raise, according to NBC Buffalo:

So, given all the illegality going on you would think that legislators would be hanging their heads in shame.

Nope, it's actually just the opposite.

For the past few months, our state legislators have been quietly talking about voting themselves a pay raise. […]

Legislators currently make a base salary of $79,500, that's already the third highest in the nation, and many legislators make $90,000 and more by serving on various committees.

There's speculation that legislators want to vote themselves a $20,000 raise, which would bring their base salary to about $100,000 a year.