Museum Gift Shop Selling $450 ‘Anti-Drone Scarf’

The New Museum's anti-drone scarf.


Visitors to the New Museum of Contemporary Art in New York City can now purchase an "anti-drone scarf" from the museum's gift shop.

Designed by Adam Harvey and Johanna Bloomfield, the scarf retails for $450 (though members can grab one at a discount price of $382.50). According to the Privacy Gift Shop:

Inspired by Muslim dress, the Anti-Drone Scarf conceptually aligns itself with the rationale behind the traditional hijab to act as "the veil which separates man or the world from God", replacing God with drone. The metalized silk scarf protects against thermal imaging surveillance (a technology used widely by UAVs/drones) by reflecting heat, masking the wearer's thermal signature. The enhanced garment is lightweight, breathable, and safe to wear.

H/T Yahoo News Procrastinaut