Murphy Gets Submarined

Connecticut Senate Candidate Uses Norwegian Vessel In Ad

Chris Murphy / Wikimedia Commons


With polls running neck and neck in the race for retiring U.S. Sen. Joe Lieberman’s (I., Conn.) seat, the campaign of Republican candidate Linda McMahon is trying to take advantage of an embarrassing error made by the campaign of her Democratic opponent, Rep. Chris Murphy.

Late last week, the Murphy campaign released an ad touting the candidate’s alleged support for the Electric Boat plant in Groton, Conn., despite having voted at least twice to cut funding for submarine manufacturing at the factory.

Unfortunately for Murphy, his campaign team carelessly used stock footage of a Norwegian diesel-powered Ula class submarine in his ad as an example of the types of vessels made by the Connecticut plant. The submarine used in the Murphy ad is in fact manufactured in Norway, France, and Germany.

Today, the McMahon campaign pounced on the error, releasing an ad of their own, referring to Murphy as a "funny guy" for this and other campaign missteps.