MSNBC Panel Asks Clinton: ‘Why Are You Running?’


MSNBC’s Morning Joe panel pinned Hillary Clinton’s lopsided loss in New Hampshire to her lack of a campaign message Wednesday.

"It’s so frustrating just watching Hillary Clinton. Her speech last night was,"'I'll get the things done. I'll get the things,'" co-host Joe Scarborough said. "What are your issues? Why are you running?"

Scarborough said that Clinton's one-dimensional message, that people should vote for her because she "can win," would not be "not enough for voters."

"What do you stand for?" Scarborough said.

Co-host Willie Geist said that rather than crafting her own image, Clinton was moving ever-closer to rival Bernie Sanders’s image as a revolutionary Democratic Socialist.

"Hillary Clinton, famous centrist and moderate, … sounded like a social justice warrior last night talking about the things Bernie Sanders has been talking about his whole life," Geist said, referring to Clinton’s concession speech Tuesday. "Hillary Clinton now is following Bernie Sanders's lead in this race."

Panelist Mike Barnicle noted that Clinton’s New Hampshire loss is a warning signal, since the state has been "so critical" to both Bill and Hillary’s careers.

"The Clintons left here last night in the middle of the night … with one underlying real danger signal out there," Barnicle said. "White working class women were an automatic for Hillary Clinton for years. An automatic for Bill Clinton for years. No longer an automatic."

Clinton lost every demographic group to Sanders except for voters over the age of 65. This includes her core demographic of white, working-class women.

In total, Clinton won 38.4 percent of the New Hampshire vote, which is less than the percentage she secured in 2008 in a three-way race. Sanders won 60 percent.

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