MSNBC Mocks Hillary’s ‘Dead Broke’ Comments

Scarborough: 'The more you hear it, the worse it sounds'


MSNBC’s Morning Joe decried Hillary Clinton’s recent comments in which she said that she and former President Bill Clinton were "dead broke" when the left the White House.

These comments were made despite records that show Bill made $200,000 each time he gave a speech and the $8 million book advance she received before the couple’s exit from the White House.

Laughing, Joe Scarborough told the panel "The more you hear it, the worse it sounds when she talks about how hard Bill worked. Bill worked hard. He had to get on a private jet and fly to give a one hour speech to make $200,000…It actually sounds worse every time you hear it."

The New York Times' Frank Bruni agreed. "The problem isn’t the amount of money they’re making now or the amount of money they have now… The problem is exaggerating the past or seeming disingenuous or defensive," he explained.

He added, "People are going back to that moment, they’re looking at the book advance she had as she was leaving the White House – $8 million plus. There wasn’t a moment when they were living, you know, in a coldwater flat or anything like that."

During Hillary Clinton’s interview with ABC’s Diane Sawyer, the former Secretary of State showed her lavish home to the reporter, spurring backlash from critics who say her "dead broke" comments are unprecedented.

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