MSNBC Fails ‘Favs’

Publicity-loving speechwriter misidentified


Chris Jansing’s MSNBC graphics team this morning mistook President Barack Obama’s photogenic speechwriter Jon Favreau for his celebrity namesake, director Jon Favreau, during a rundown of Town & Country Magazine’s "Top 40 Bachelors" list.

Favreau, the speechwriter (affectionately known to his friends as "Favs"), was the subject of several media profiles during Obama’s first term that were highlighted in previous Washington Free Beacon reporting. However, it appears that his celebrity courting has yet to improve his name ID within the Obama-friendly confines of MSNBC.

As a public service and to improve MSNBC accuracy in future broadcasts, the Free Beacon is happy to provide these pictures of the president’s top speechwriter so as to avoid any future confusion with director Jon Favreau: