MSNBC Totally Fails Trying to Cover Election From the Road


In an effort to keep its wall-to-wall coverage of the coming Super Tuesday primaries fresh and exciting, MSNBC has sent correspondent Chris Jansing on a seven-day road trip across seven states. MSNBC host Thomas Roberts introduced Jansing's coverage from the road on Monday, and that is when the segment fell apart before his very eyes.

Transcript below:

THOMAS ROBERTS: We want to begin with NBC's Chris Jansing where she's on the road to richmond virginia where she'll be broadcasting her final day of her seven-state, seven-day Super Tuesday road trip. Chris, you've almost done it. You're rounding third base heading for home.
[technical difficulties]
ROBERTS: —Except when Chris goes under an overpass, we lose Chris. We'll try to get back to our Chris Jansing. We saw her there. She's in the bluemobile. Again, it's the seven-day, seven-state campaign trail Super Tuesday tour, and we'll speak to Chris as she's headed toward Richmond. We want to turn to the state of Alabama. No, we've got Chris back. Hey Chris Jansing, you are one elusive woman.
CHRIS JANSING: You never know when we're going to hit an overpass so I'll make this quick. Look, here's what's cool about Georgia. Georgia is the place that got all these southern states together and said let's all move our primaries to March first.
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JANSING: —In New Hampshire where there are candidates. People actually express surprise in some of these SEC southern states that they are getting this kind of attention and getting these visits. And for them it may be about getting to see the candidates up close. We're about to hit an overpass. Stay with me.
[technical difficulties]
ROBERTS: —Okay, so we did our very best there to have Chris Jansing report from the road. We're going to return to Chris when he get that shot back. But its difficult when we hit those overpasses.

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