MSM Leaps at Chance to Hire Dem Oppo Researcher

Former President “Papa” Carter ignores grandson’s—and namesake’s—emails


Buzzfeed published a profile of the opposition researcher who discovered and released the video of then-candidate Romney’s "47 percent" remarks.

While James Carter IV—the grandson of former President James Carter Jr.—used to do opposition research in his free time, the "47 percent" video drew national attention.

After the 47 percent video broke, Carter got a slew of job offers from news organizations such as the Huffington Post, Reuters, and The Daily Beast.

He declined the offers, Buzzfeed reports, because of his Democratic loyalties:

"I’m very partisan," he said. "The way I look at it, having to even acknowledge that there’s another side of the argument is doing the other side’s work for them."

He has instead opened his own opposition research firm: "Carter Research, LLC."

Carter told Buzzfeed that he sends out news reports that contain his work to his family, including his grandfather.

And when he sent out the 47 percent video, the former president sent James an email. It was the first time his grandfather had ever responded to one of his emails.