Moscow Times Columnist Slams PC IOC

London Olympics logo


Moscow Times columnist Yulia Latynina takes the London Olympic Games to task for being the "the most politically correct Olympics ever."

Latynina slams Olympic officials for failing to take moral stands in several instances, particularly when it came to athletes from the state of Israel:

But the most surprising aspect is the shameless double standards of the International Olympic Committee, or IOC. The Ministry of Love, standing by with a hot iron ready to dole out punishment for having politically incorrect boyfriends, turns out to be surprisingly tolerant of Nazism of another variety.

Take, for example, when several Lebanese Olympic athletes refused to train in the same room as Israelis. That is much worse than a tasteless joke on Twitter. It's pure racism. The IOC should have clearly said to the Lebanese athletes, "Your demand is contrary to the very spirit of the Olympic Games, so we are excluding you from the competition."

But instead of doing that, the committee simply put up a partition in the training room to appease the Lebanese racists and ensure that their tender feelings weren't offended.