Morning Joe Gets Really Defensive About Having on Donald Trump So Often


Morning Joe co-host Mika Brzezinski angrily defended the frequent appearances of the "accessible" Donald Trump on the MSNBC program after concluding yet another interview Tuesday with the Republican frontrunner.

Brzezinski and host Joe Scarborough have been repeatedly hit for being too cozy with Trump both on and off their program, and they have constantly fought back against any questions about their integrity. At one point, Trump himself thanked them for being "supporters."

The criticism appeared to hit a breaking point with the hosts as they wrapped up their interview with Trump.

"I should mention you are set to join us live again tomorrow, so we look forward to that, and good to have you this morning," Brzezinski said.

"Thank you very much," Trump said.

"Also, Governor John Kasich is going to be joining us ahead this morning, and I should just point out for all the eye-rolling that I hear happening that if Hillary Clinton, Marco Rubio or Ted Cruz would like to call into the show, we would take their call at any time," Brzezinski said. "Donald Trump has proved himself to be the most accessible candidate, like it or not, but don't blame us if the other candidates are not as accessible."

"Oh, yeah, listen! By the way, we've made this offer starting six months ago," Scarborough said.

"If Marco Rubio called us now, we'd put him right on. We'd blow through the commercial break. We'd lose money on it," Brzezinski said.

"We'd have him for three hours," Scarborough said. "Any candidate that wants to pick up the phone and call us, we would love to have you on. We're here for you. Alright. I think we've underlined that one."

Brzezinski praised Trump as "accessible" after an interview where he spent the first portion refusing to answer her repeated questions about when he would announce the formation of his foreign policy team. Scarborough also asked Trump if he'd run as an independent "if they take this from you at the convention."

The Washington Free Beacon posted a montage on Monday of the show's flattering coverage of Trump, which has included calling him "a laser," "a constant niagara of surprises," and "an unstoppable machine."

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