Morgan: Guns Save Lives Day ‘One of the Most Disgusting Things I’ve Ever Had to Witness’

Piers Morgan squares off with Alan Gottlieb on 'Guns Save Lives Day'


CNN host Piers Morgan had a shout filled interview over gun control with the founder of Guns Save Lives Day Alan Gottlieb Monday evening.

The pro gun safety organization situated their event around the anniversary of the Newtown shooting to counter gun control activists who will co-opt the day to advance their partisan agenda, Gottlieb said.

Morgan reacted with predictable indignation, as he often does with anything relating to gun control.

The CNN host concluded the interview by declaring Guns Save Lives Day is "one of the most disgusting things I've ever had to witness":

PIERS MORGAN: Let me leave with a final word from Shannon Watz of Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America —

ALAN GOTTLIEB: Another gun control group.

MORGAN: Gun safety is a better phrase, isn't it Mr. Gottlieb?

GOTTLIEB: No, "gun safety" is a misnomer, these people have never even shot a gun, they've never even been trained for safety.

MORGAN: I've shot an AR-15.

GOTTLIEB: Go to a gun range and train for safety.

MORGAN: Mr. Gottlieb, if you would just let me read what she said. "American mothers will not allow a depraved vocal minority to sully or smear the memory of the victims of Sandy Hook." Let me just say to you Mr. Gottlieb, what you did —

GOTTLIEB: Nobody is smearing any memories, my heart goes out to them, to every victim of any kind of violence.

MORGAN: What you did, Mr. Gottlieb, in launching this campaign on the first anniversary of Sandy Hook is of the most disgusting things I have ever had to witness and you should be ashamed of yourself.

GOTTLIEB: But your 50, 60, 70 anti-gun shows that you've done picking on the rights of gun owners is not disgusting, not politicizing on or polarizing anything, ok right? It's ok for you to do it but it's not ok for anyone else.

MORGAN: All right, I've had enough of you. We're moving on.

Full interview:

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