Moore: We Want to Make Sure Those Who Oppose Democratic Agenda Pay Price in 2014


Congresswoman Gwen Moore (D., Wis.) said that it is important for House Democrats to keep up the pressure on certain members of the GOP that she termed to be "intransigent" Friday morning on MSNBC. Moore stated that if such intransigence occurs in the 113th Congress, she will communicate to the constituents of those members to send a new representative to the House:

GWEN MOORE: Well, let me just say this. Elections have consequences and we want to make sure that the price is paid for those folks who are intransigent. Certainly I've moved from some of my deeply held beliefs in order to compromise and to get things done and to get a deal done, and for those folks who don't want to come here and make government work, I'm hoping to communicate to their constituents that they need to send another representative to Congress. I mean, the people have the ultimate power and as a person who has been elected since 1988, I believe in democracy. And so I think it's really our mission to message the importance of things like helping people who need disaster relief and women who need protections and to keep this in the public view so that they can make decisions. 2014 is coming soon.

 Full interview:

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