Miracle of Life Caught on Camera

Watch newly hatched baby bald eagle


Ginnie Pritchett of Ft. Myers, Florida, appeared on "Fox and Friends" Friday morning to discuss the birth of an American bald eagle on her family's property.

The new eagle, named Eaglette 2, joins his brother, Eaglette 1, who was born New Years Day.

The birth was watched by "at least thousands" thanks to a webcam the Pritchett family set up above the eagles' nest.

The webcam features an infrared light so viewers can watch the action both day and night.

Although the Pritchett family does have naming rights for the newborns because the nest is on their property, Ginnie said that they are open to online suggestions.

Unfortunately, life is uncertain for Eaglette 1 and Eaglette 2 because of President Obama's green energy agenda, which includes continued construction of wind farms, a known adversary to eagles everywhere.