Megyn Kelly and Donald Trump Battle Over Trump University


Fox News host Megyn Kelly and Republican frontrunner Donald Trump have a spirited exchange over Trump University, the now-defunct online education company that Trump founded and over which he faces multiple lawsuits.

Kelly, who Trump publicly feuded with enough to skip the last debate hosted by Fox News, fact-checked Trump over his claim that there was an "A" rating for Trump University from the Better Business Bureau.

"People like it," Trump said. "We have many, many people who will be witnesses … we have a situation where we will win in court. Many of the people that are witnesses did tremendously well and made a lot of money by taking the course."

Sen. Marco Rubio (R., Fla.) repeatedly called Trump's claims about the company false, saying it was actually a "D-minus" rating from the BBB.

"It is right now an ‘A'," Trump said.

"With respect, we went back and looked at this," Kelly said. "The rating from the Better Business Bureau was a D-minus. That's the last public available rating in 2010, and it was the result of the number of complains they had received."

Trump insisted it was elevated to an "A."

"Let me just set the record and then you guys can have at it," Kelly said. "It was marketed to many people, and now there is a class-action [lawsuit] of over 5,000 plaintiffs against you, Mr. Trump. It involves veterans and it involves teachers and it involves so-called little guys … who say that they were fleeced, who say it was a scam."

The two talked back and forth about the particulars of the lawsuit, with Kelly at one point saying, "Stand by," to silence Trump.

"This is what the Court of Appeals found. They said that the plaintiffs against you are like the [Bernie] Madoff victims," she said.

"Give me a break," Trump said. "Give me a break."

"They found that victims of con artists often sing the praises of their victimizers until they realize they have been fleeced," Kelly said.

Trump suggested everyone wait for the case to be wrapped up in three years or so. Rubio then broke in to say he spoke with "one of the victims yesterday."

"One. One of the –" Trump started.

Trump and Rubio, who exchanged the sharpest exchanges of the night, went on to charge each other with being con artists. Trump hit Rubio on his voting record, saying he was defrauding Florida citizens, while Rubio suggested Trump was trying to bilk American voters like he scammed people with Trump University.

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