Media: Hillary Clinton Is Terrible


Hillary Clinton's dismal showing in the New Hampshire primary had the mainstream media sharpening their knives to describe what a blowout loss she suffered against Sen. Bernie Sanders (I., Vt.).

CNN's John King and Wolf Blitzer said  Sanders was able to "really crush" Clinton in a "shellacking" and "total rout," with Bloomberg's Megan Murphy calling Clinton's 22-point setback "devastating" and "just a disaster for her."

"Her team knew that she would lose here. They were hoping it would not be this bad," ABC reporter Cecilia Vega said.

"I don't know that they knew they were going to lose this badly," NBC's Savannah Guthrie said.

MSNBC guest Eugene Robinson put it plainly in an appearance on Morning Joe: "She got creamed."

"This is not a good morning for Hillary Clinton, period," Robinson said.

NBC called it a "crushing defeat," CBS said it was "so decisive" and ABC reported that Clinton was doing "serious soul-searching" after suffering an "embarrassing upset."

MSNBC's David Corn said Clinton appeared to be "flopping about a bit" in the wake of the loss, and network reporter Alex Seitz-Wald pointed out it was "no fun" to take a 6o-to-38 percent loss in a state she won just eight years earlier over Barack Obama.

Pundits were also unsparing in their breakdown of the numbers, particularly pointing to the rout she took among voters who cited honesty and trustworthiness as the most important factor in a candidate. Clinton lost those voters by a staggering margin of 91-to-5 to Sanders.

"Bernie Sanders won big last night and now new exit polls are painting just how painful the picture is for Hillary Clinton," CNN anchor Carol Costello said.

Face The Nation anchor John Dickerson added that her struggles with young voters, to put mildly, were a "problem."

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