McChrystal: I Think You’ll See Female SEALs, Rangers

McChrystal, Hayden discuss potential difficulties with physical standards


Retired Gen. Stanley A. McChrystal said Sunday he believes women will eventually serve as Navy SEALs, Army Rangers, and in other elite military units.

"I do (see that happening)," McChrystal said when asked by Candy Crowley about female members of those elite military units. "I think you'll see probably in all of those units. I think you already see them serving in functions around those units–intelligence pilots and what not."

"There are positions that are much better for females–there are things you can do in special operations that are more difficult to do with just men," he continued.

McChrystal said the implementation of the policy, however, will involve "complexity" regarding the ability of women to serve in any role.

Retired Gen. Michael Hayden emphasized the need for standards to stay the same.

"These kinds of standards cannot be different for men and women–these have to do with actually accomplishing the job," Hayden said. "If the standard is here, and only a small percentage of women can match that standard for reasons that are biological, the standard has to stay there, otherwise you're risking mission success."

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