McCarthy: Assault Weapons Ban Does Not Infringe on 2nd Amendment Rights


Rep. Carolyn McCarthy (D., N.Y.) said Democratic proposals to ban assault weapons and high capacity magazines do not infringe on second amendment rights Friday on MSNBC. McCarthy encouraged national Democrats to rally support from constituents of rural Democrats so those members will have the cover they need to vote for gun control legislation:

CAROLYN MCCARTHY: […] We don't need the assault weapons, and I think most NRA members, the polls show that they believe something has to be done and they stick with us an awful lot. Basically we're dealing with the NRA that is trying to scare members of Congress. That's been for years. Many of them have said to me they would love to vote with me, but they don't want to lose their election about it. We have to show them the American people will stand behind them, their constituents will stand behind them.