Matthews Says Anonymous Giving ‘Political Terrorism’


CHRIS MATTHEWS: Do we know if this person has a particular knowledge of John Spratt? Why did they pick him?

JONATHAN WEISMAN: Well, I asked John Spratt that, he didn't really know. His idea was, look, if you take out the budget committee chairman, you’re going to undermine the entire fiscal policy of the entire fiscal policy of the Democratic Party, especially President Obama. He thought it came down simply to that. It was obviously a big trophy in 2010.

MATTHEWS: the funny thing is–I say funny in the worst way–Spratt made sure there was a budget every year in the house. He came through. Unlike the senate, in many cases, he actually delivered on the job even though it was tough to do it. He’s always been a moderate and a smart guy. This is a real loss. It's really political terrorism, this kind of money going in with no name on it.