London Fletcher’s Family Arrested for Fighting


Three of Washington Redskin London Fletcher's relatives were arrested for fighting with belligerent Cleveland Browns fans during the Redskins 38-21 victory.

"It’s my understanding, from the moment they got out of their car they were harassed by Browns fans and things like that, all the way up to the stadium," Fletcher told NFL Network’s Steve Wyche. The rugged Redskins Pro-Bowl linebacker London Fletcher is a Cleveland native who played his first game in his 15-year career in the Forest City last Sunday when the incident took place.

Fletcher blasted Brown Stadium staff.

"I guess in the stadium they were being harassed again. But the situation that led to people being arrested was one of the stadium security guys assaulted one of my family members. Instead of defusing the situation, he escalated the situation. It wasn’t the fans that they had the altercation with in the stadium; it was Browns stadium security."

The linebacker expressed disappointment about the altercation. Forty-two friends and family attended the game and, according to Fletcher, were harassed during the duration of their visit at the stadium. Fletcher’s family members remain in jail and he is considering taking legal action, according to the DC Sports Bog.

Sunday showed that both the Redskins players and their families are battletested. The NFC East-leading Washington Redskins are on a five-game winning streak at 8-6 with their latest hard-won victory over the perennial doormat Cleveland Browns.

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