Limbaugh: I Live ‘Rent Free’ in Obama’s Head

'Obama's objective is to eliminate all opposition'


On Tuesday, Limbaugh mocked President Obama, saying he lives "rent free" in the president’s head less than a day after Obama criticized the conservative radio host at a fundraiser hosted by Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein.

RUSH LIMBAUGH: He simply cannot get me off his mind. I live rent free in his head. And he is using me as his convenient excuse for not being able to get anything done. He really thinks the Republicans would work with him if it weren't for me. So he's telling these Hollywood people — and you gotta understand, they're sitting there and they're very sympathetic, and they love Obama, and they want Obama to succeed. I'm the guy who said, "I hope he fails."

So Obama's sitting there and he's telling these Hollywood people, "You know, this Limbaugh guy, this Limbaugh guy… If it weren't for this Limbaugh guy, Good Lord, look what I could get done!" The Hollywood people are supposed to hear that and say to themselves, "Hmm. Let's figure out a way to help. What can we do, in dealing with Limbaugh, to help our president?" He's also sending out a similar message to the Republicans.

He's just begging one of them — just one! He's just begging, enticing one of them to go to the microphone and agree with him — and if not agree with him, to denounce me, because that's his objective. Obama's objective is to eliminate all opposition. Now, let's be honest, folks. Who am I? I'm a guy on the radio. I am your beloved host, El Rushbo. I'm a guy on the radio. The fact remains that the truth of the matter is, by his own admission, I am the opposition to Barack Obama.

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