Lifestyles of the Rich and Democratic

Ultra-high-net-worth individual spends thousands on vacation, donations to Democrats


Tatiana Maxwell is just one of the ultra-high-net-worth individuals—those worth more than $30 million—profiled in a Condé Nast Traveler article, which details the lavish vacations the super-rich take:

At its most basic, travel for the super-rich means never having to deal with the petty and not so petty annoyances that the rest of us must contend with on our trips, and enjoying all of the privacy, service, and amenities money can buy. …

Businesswoman and philanthropist Tatiana Maxwell was in Morocco a few years back with her best girlfriend, on a vacation meticulously arranged by a travel agent who specializes in ultra-high-end trips. The only thing Maxwell missed was her husband. "I probably mentioned to my buddy, ‘Oh, I wish Paul were here. That would be great,’ " she recalls.

One night, as Maxwell was wandering through the chaotic food stalls of Jamaa el Fna, she heard a familiar voice. "I turn around, and my husband was in one of the stalls with an apron and a spatula," she says. Just to surprise her, the agent had arranged to fly him in for the night from their home in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

"There are so few times when your real life lives up to a movie or a book or your imagination," Maxwell says. "That, to me, is why you pay what you pay."

Maxwell also spends her money on campaign donations. She is a major donor to President Barack Obama, donating $4,930 to the president in his 2008 and 2012 campaigns. Additionally, Maxwell gave $7,000 to the DNC Services Corp.

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