Levin: WFB An ‘Excellent Website’


Radio talk show host Mark Levin praised the Washington Free Beacon as "an excellent website" Tuesday on "The Mark Levin Show." Levin went on to discuss the Free Beacon's report on Secretary of Defense nominee Chuck Hagel's purported 2010 comments describing Israel as "on it's way to becoming an apartheid state":

MARK LEVIN: […] A couple of other important stories in the news, then I want to get some more calls, Mr. call screener. The Washington Free Beacon, which by the way is an excellent website, Alana Goodman, Secretary of Defense nominee Chuck Hagel said "Israel is on it's way to becoming an apartheid state" during an April 9 2010 appearance at Rutgers University, according to a contemporaneous account by an attendee. Hagel also accused Israel of violating UN resolutions, called for US designated terrorist organization Hamas to be included in any peace negotiations, and described Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu as "radical," according to a source.