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Meet Obama’s New Small Business Adviser


President Barack Obama met with small business owners in an attempt to pressure Republicans into raising taxes. One of the small business owners invited to the White House was Daniella Yacobovsky, co-founder of BaubleBar in New York and Harvard Business School alum.

A Washington Free Beacon study of Yacobovsky’s Twitter profile, @DaniellaYac, reveals that she enjoys baking, midday Patron shots, and "Amazeballs." She also admits that she is the worst driver in the world.

Yacobovsky tweeted about an office wardrobe malfunction to her 397 followers:

It is unclear if Yacobovsky took a class on prepping for a natural disaster while at Harvard Business School.

BaubleBar sounds like a fun place to work.

Yacobovsky and her co-workers have deep conversations about unicorns, pimps, and the tooth fairy.

Yacobovsky is nothing if not politically correct.

Yacobovsky will join Katherine Fenton and the Booty Bundler in the Truth Monkey’s binder of women.