Kremlin Propaganda Boss Lashes Out

Praises Huffington Post, Iran’s Press TV

Margarita Simonyan / Wikimedia Commons


Margarita Simonyan, the editor in chief of the Kremlin’s worldwide, English-language Internet-video propaganda channel RT, has given an interview to Russian news site Itogi.

In the interview, available only in Russian, Ms. Simonyan says of the network "we fully agree with the foreign policy of this country [Russia]."

She explains the mission of RT as shouting down the "multi-million choir" of the Anglo-Saxon media.

While deriding cable news competitors like Sky News and Fox, Simonyan welcomes other state-owned media outlets like Iran’s Press TV and China’s CNC World as allies in Russia’s information war against the West.

Simonyan also praises the Huffington Post and Alyona Minkovski, the Moscow-born anchor of RT’s Alyona Show who recently announced her departure from the Kremlin-run channel for a new Huffington Post venture HuffPost Live.

Minkovski, much like Russian President Vladimir Putin, brooks no dissent.